Ryan Gosling Serenades Emma Stone In First Trailer For Musical 'La La Land'

**Swoons aggressively**

Those years toiling away in the Mickey Mouse Club have finally paid off. 

In the first trailer for the romantic musical “La La Land,” Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone reunite in song for the third time since they fell in “Crazy, Stupid Love.” 

Helmed by “Whiplash” director Damien Chazelle, “La La Land” finds its story in the trials and tribulations of two struggling artists: jazz musician Sebastian (Gosling) and actress Mia (Stone), as they shoot for the stars in Hollywood. 

The trailer, exclusively shared by People, splices scenes of the actors sweeping each other off their feet against breathtakingly beautiful backdrops with clips of the pair pursuing their respective passions with varying degrees of success. 

The original song “City of Stars,” performed by Gosling, plays over the trailer, as the couple moves throughout “La La Land.” His delicate voice captures the bittersweet melancholy of lyrics like “City of stars, there’s so much I can’t see / Is this the start of something wonderful / Or one more dream that I cannot make true.”

As special as the trailer is, nothing ― we repeat, nothing ― could ever rival this prepubescent Gosling performance. It was all downhill from here:

“La La Land” hits theaters Dec. 2 and “City of Stars” is available to purchase on iTunes now. 



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