Let There Be Peace

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This is the day the world calls International Peace Day. Peace is such a celebratory experience. Every one of us longs for a peaceful life every day, though some among us might seek for it in the after life.

What is Peace? An ocean feels different at different depths; so too, Peace comprises of a broad spectrum of experiences and cannot be limited to just one feeling.

Is peace merely the absence of chaos and the onslaught of a barrage of problems? That is respite before a hurricane begins again. It is the feeling of relief and respite we experience when there are no challenging situations to address or no disappointments to deal with. Calm is that familiar feeling of ‘ahh…finally some time to rest!’ It certainly cannot be under estimated.

At One World Academy, we lay huge emphasis on individual peace, an inner state of peace. For our inner states sooner or later will manifest as external circumstances.

Peace could be experienced at three levels - Calm, Dynamic Peace & Great Peace.

Let us go into each of these in the days to come.

A word of ancient Indian blessing- Shanti Shanti Shantihi.

Which means let there be peace in our hearts, peace in the hearts of our loved ones and peace in all living beings.

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