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Let your kids stay kids a little longer

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Our weekend trip to Target always has the kids wanting to look at the toys and negotiate their way through what could they possibly get with their allowance. Today was slightly different. As they did their normal walk down the toy aisles, I heard a mom saying "But you're almost 12 years old don't you think you should stop buying this stuff". What she was referring to was an aisle full of Little Pet Shops, Shopkins, Monster High gizmos etc. as her daughter was looking at them. The comment made me stop and almost want to turn to my 11-year old and say "yes, I will buy you anything in the toy section." When did being almost 12 mean you had to stop playing with toys. I actually love it when my daughter, who has already started developing that "tween attitude" is up in her room, on the floor surrounded by dolls, pet shops and little animals. It's not like this girl was looking at baby toys or something for a toddler - why pressure her to move on from wanting to play with mini pets for a few more years.

In a world that is constantly "on" with information from the internet and social media, maybe having them playing with old fashion actual toys is not such a bad idea. Don't get me wrong we live in a very techy home - with way too many devices and I do think technology is great but if I can stop my kids from being submerged in it then that's a win.

What's wrong with wanting our little ones to remain kids as long as they can. To play with their Matchbox Cars, Legos, Calico Critters and dolls. To have quiet time in their rooms while their imagination takes them and their toys to magical places. Their time as a kid is so short that we should really be encouraging them to enjoy it and not try to end it too soon. Next time you see them playing in their rooms why not take a break from whatever you are doing and join them on the floor for a few minutes. It will lighten up your day and theirs.