Leticia Van De Putte: Women Will Now Be Defined By Their Bosses Thanks To Hobby Lobby

Texas state Sen. Leticia Van De Putte, who gained popularity for calling out her male colleagues for silencing the female representatives in Texas' legislature during Wendy Davis' marathon filibuster of a contentious abortion bill, weighed in on the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling during an appearance on MSNBC Wednesday.

"It was a bad public health decision," Van De Putte said.

Van De Putte, who is running for lieutenant governor of the Lone Star State, said the ruling means women will now be defined not by their fathers or husbands, but by their bosses.

"My mom's in her eighties, and what she always told me and my sisters is that we would be the first generation of women that could be defined by not who our daddy is, or not who we're married to, but that we would be defined by our own educational status, our own careers," Van De Putte said. "And now, to think that my daughters and my granddaughters could not just -- they've worked so hard, and they're not defined by who they're married to or who their daddy is, but they're going to be defined by who their boss is?"

Watch a clip of Van De Putte's appearance above.



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