Let's Be Real: An Honest Approach to Living Life for Teens

Let's Be Real: An Honest Approach to Living Life for Teens
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<p>Natasha Bure’s new book, Let’s Be Real, will <em>spark</em> needed conversations for teens today. </p>

Natasha Bure’s new book, Let’s Be Real, will spark needed conversations for teens today.


As we recently witnessed teens having their college acceptance’s revoked due to their lack of judgment online, we also recognize the challenges that our youth have when role models are acting like children both online and off. It’s almost on a weekly basis we are reading about adults that are losing their jobs from a twisted Tweet or mis-post that gets them in hot water. If a grown-up can’t contain their emotions online, can you imagine how hard it is for these kids to constraint themselves? This is exactly why they need guidance from parents — and even role models.

Studies have revealed that parents can be the most influential person in their teenager’s life. From their decisions on sex and relationships to when they are faced with the peer pressure of drugs and alcohol, kids are listening to their parents. What’s really important is they are also watching you. According to a Stage of Life survey, 97 percent of teens learn manners and civility from home.

Let’s Be Real: Teen’s can be complicated.

We all have great aspirations for our bundle of joy when they enter the world, however nothing can truly prepare us for raising children. From the toddlers to tweens to teens, you are always on your toes especially with the expansion of technology and devices.

It’s why I get excited when I hear about teen’s wanting to help teens.

Natasha Bure, being a teen herself, understands the pressures that comes with living in the a social media society. Natasha is a singer, model and social media celebrity. If you didn’t recognize her name, she’s also the daughter of Candace Cameron Bure of Full House. Natasha is familiar with the pressure of the spotlight - contrary to what many may believe, it can be more difficult being a teen under the glare of celebrity.

She recently launched her first book, Let’s Be Real: Living Life As An Open and Honest You.

“Teens are inundated with “perfect” images and virtual relationships that can lead to unrealistic expectations, comparisons, and ultimately, feelings of inadequacy. I want to encourage others to live their life and not try to be someone else, Be open, honest, and the best YOU, you can be!” - Natasha Bure

I had an opportunity to interview this amazing young woman.

SS: Teens and young people struggle with keeping it real online more than offline today. What advice do you give tweens and teens about sharing online?

NATASHA: I think that all people struggle with comparison and thinking that what is online, is reality- it's not. Being who you are and the most authentic version of yourself online and offline makes life so much easier. That comes with learning to love yourself before anything though. I want to encourage everyone of any age, to embrace who they are and to not feel the pressure to act or look a certain way!

SS: Body image is major concern for both boys and girls. Whether it's too thin or too wide, how can youth learn that they are all unique and embrace who they are?

NATASHA: It isn't easy seeing ads on billboards or commercials with skinny supermodels flaunting their gorgeous skin or the male model showing off his abs. It can often times knock our self-confidence down because we then begin to think that what we see there, is the only version of acceptable and beautiful that exists. It's so important to love yourself, embrace your quirks, and appreciate the things about you that are unique! No one else can be you, so live your life as the best version of yourself that you can!

SS: From face shaming to hair shaming, teens are mean online (and off). What advice do you suggest for youth to become upstanders (stick-up) for each other?

NATASHA: Giving someone a compliment and uplifting someone else not only makes the other person feel good, but it makes you feel good! When we encourage and build one another up, we are setting an example for the rest of the world that it's what we are supposed to do! We weren't intended to bring others down and write nasty comments online. Choose positivity and make someone smile today with kind words.

SS: What do you want your book to accomplish?

NATASHA: I hope that my book can encourage people to live an honest and authentic life. It's so important to be real and not pretend to be someone you’re not. Embrace yourself and work every single day at the person you are!

SS: How have you changed since writing your book?

NATASHA: It's inspired me to wake up every morning and do what I love. It's made me change the way I go about doing things in my daily life. I don't feel the need to dress or to act any certain way to impress others. I live my life as me and that's what makes me happy.

Order Let’s Be Real on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

<p>Order Let’s Be Real today. </p>

Order Let’s Be Real today.

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