Let's Eclipse Hate Today

Today is a big day. We’re about to witness a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse. Despite whatever is going on in the moment, I will make sure to run out into the streets of Manhattan this afternoon to get a glimpse. I know...don’t look directly into the sun!

Within the excitement of the day, however, I hope we can all take a moment in this monumetous moment to take pause. Back in the day when an eclipse would happen, residents thought it was the end of the world. While we certainly now know it’s not the end of the world, perhaps we can make it the end of hate.

Let’s look directly into hate today and eclipse it.

I know it’s a fairy tale to say we can just simply “end hate,” but we can at least speak up. While it seems like there’s not a lot that we can do, we can speak up. We can say we won’t tolerate hate. We can push back against hate. We can be examples to others of love and acceptance. Of total and complete inclusion.

While we might not be able to make it all go away, we can eclipse hate. Let’s start today, this momentous day.

Let’s eclipse hate.

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