Let's Face It, America Was Never Great
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There’s something we need to talk about, Donald Trump didn’t ruin America. The factors that are contributing to hatred and repression during his presidency existed long before he took office. So it’s time to face it, America was never great and it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better.

YouTuber ReyRhoShow wants to let you know that no matter who won the election we were going to complain. It’s not that he’s claiming Trump is a good leader, but that the leadership of the country is always a pain point for those who didn’t win.

Repression and fear mongering have existed as far back as the first American President. It’s not enough to blame the forces of leadership for this idea that the United States is headed down a path of corruption. We’re aware that things are worse than ever under Trump. The Russian scandals and the Obamacare repeal have each upended the foundations of American democracy in their own way.

However, it’s average Americans that give way to the things that hurt democracy most. President Trump was elected and for better or worse he was the will of a certain group of people in the country. It’s best to recognize that so we can move on the path to fixing the systemic issues that face the country.

So don’t blame Trump for all of America’s problems, instead create a culture of tolerance and understanding. Try and have a healthy conversation with someone who disagrees with you. Look back at the country’s history and try to understand the economic, systemic, and racial issues facing the United States. Drown out Trump’s hate with knowledge, and keep fighting with the resistance.

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