Let's Give Thanks for New Technology

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Every year, each person on our staff cooks a meal from their ethnic background and the multi-ethnic mix of amazing tastes and aromas are matched by the love that is put into each presentation.

Before the feast, we take turns giving thanks for something in our lives we appreciate and silently meditate. Then we choose from the incredible selection and eat until we are filled. We try seconds and thirds and as the take-home containers are filled, we moan about how full we are.

Unfortunately there are some dished that nobody touches and it is the running joke for the year ahead and then lots of work goes into proving a better job will be done next year.

Black Friday may be the antithesis of Thanksgiving, obviously less spiritual, but has become as traditional as Thanksgiving. It is the start of the holiday shopping season. Sales and promotions begin in stores across the country and it becomes clearer the internet is changing the way all shopping is done especially at this time of year.

Just like the opportunity we have every Thanksgiving at our company feast, we can surf online as we shop several brands at a time.

The internet allows us to compare everything at once, pass on some and learn everything we need to know about a product before we buy. This gives us the opportunity to comment if we like and to let others know our feedback. Negative comments give both sellers and designers a chance to improve the offering.

As a shopper and a retailer who embraces ecommerce, I say, "Let's give thanks to new technology."