Let's Have a Plan

I heard a great phrase today " failing to plan is a plan to fail". I love it!! It reminds me what I have been telling administrators, teachers, parents, anyone who would listen. TAKE A BREATH. It seems that we regularly jump to conclusions, and feel the need to respond. Sometimes the response gets the best of us. It excites us and makes us want to lash out. We do not plan for what is next.

I have been preaching this concept for several years, and I mention the ramifications of it in my book, Blue Ribbon Story: An Entrepreneur's Success in Education. If we act quickly and don't think things through, resources are wasted. We never take that breath and understand the depth of the conversation or situation.

A parent complains about a school function and the immediate response is to get to the bottom of it. Then later we realize that the issue was only part of a story. A teacher complains that school is wasting their time to with wasted professional development. We then find out that professional development was never planned. Or should I say planned to fail.

So as we move forward with education in this country, perhaps all parts of the triangle ( mentioned in my book) could take a breath, a step back, a moment, whatever you want to call it and think. Maybe we just need a plan to help us fix the problem and make things better instead of reacting to a problem.