My List Of Next Year's "Predictions" (If Things Get Really Bad)

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Is this kind of like the worst economic hardship for us? It's bad out there. Let's Imagine a Worse Year! Sorry 2009 was darn ugly but it could get yuckier if we're not careful. So I've devised some scenarios to make this bright Christmas seem better! In next 12 months who knows: you could find everything you believed in suckered-punched sideways.

We know everything has hit the rock bottom worst time if:

...The World Famous Magnolia Bakery converts to New York Breadline.

...Black Friday is a holiday when no one buys anything.

...Tiger Woods opens a self-defense school

...You're forced to get that new Shareable PDA, smarmily branded as 2010's PartyPhone!

...Stouffers sells frozen dinner called "LeftOvers".

...Jeff Zucker transfers to Golden Light Bulbs at GE.

...An internship replaces a regular job.....for CEOs.

...An email comes offering "Provides New Stamina," and it refers to your mind.

...Airplane seats are auctioned off at I mean the chairs--not chances to fly.

...Someone famous dies and instead of going "Wow I can't believe this," and spending time emailing/statusing our friends, we just go on with the day.

...The only no-reunion-ever band Talking Heads reforms with David Byrne for a cover album of Sinatra cover ballads; guest hosts Regis, then does a daily drive-time show on talk radio. Finally, Byrne embarks on the Whenever-I-Call-You-Friend tour with Stevie Nicks.

...A town known as Off The Grid pops up; it's geographical equivalent of the train's Quiet Car. That is: nothing can be done between people but talking--and sex.

...Jake and Reese split up -- they can't afford the sham. LA publicists commence hunger strikes.

... The NY Post and NY Daily News merge--and reemerge as Entertainment Weekly. Ultimate mashup!

...NBC dumps the whole of prime time for That Leno Show (third hour hosted by Kathie Lee)

...But no one notices.

...SiriusXM Satellite Radio changes into White Noise Inc.

...A much loved, decades-old magazine ceases publication --and no one tweets about it.

...Google can't close a deal! Google files for, well, no one knows.

...Taxes are lowered across the board. Schools are shut, parks close down, highway medians remain half-built. Oh, yeah right, that's California now.

...Without a new gimmick on deck, Glenn Beck and Beck duet on a CD. (And, in times of direst straits, Martha Stewart and Jon Stewart are combined for a gig on LifeSucks channel.)

...Having a meal at your parents' is not obligatory any longer since you need the sustenance.

...We rent our homes by the hour to couples. Thousands of highway motels go under.

...Sappy Web videos do not cheer you up (sorry, ukulele-playing kitten!).

...It is unlawful to dub yourself "talent" or "talented" unless it's true.

...Trump & O'Donnell are the new Sonny & Cher. (Cher sues. Cher pouts. Cher marries Donald, Jr.)

...Popular Wine Clubs replaced by even more populated Whiners Anonymous.

...Legal betting on which celebrity will be forced into exile is the newest national pastime. Results from this are mandatory. No ifs or buts.

...Wal-Mart has a hissy-fit when a chain called Smears opens. [You know, the new Sears and Macy's combo.]

...IHOP runs out of batter! Japanese restaurants run low on rice! Hooters runs out of... you know!

... Newly-freed Katie Holmes is slated to star in Mission: Impossible 4 - A Woman Scorned!

... Janet Jackson starts seeing Bubbles on the down low..

... Palin joins Real Housewives. Does anyone notice? is a hot 12-Step Program.

...Microsoft and Apple join hands: iPod and Zune become IZod, a strangely compelling the line of musical clothing.

...High school and college reunions are the only networking events left.

...The words "on sale" are automatically cut-and-pasted by "please buy this."

...Kirstie Alley loses a whole bunch of weight through hunger. Food markets in Beverly Hills close.

... Government certifies the donut crumb as a vegetable for schoolkids.

...Congress passes The 2010 Say Something Act, whereby useless phrases are taken to the woodshed: "Sounds Good," "Booyah!" and "No Problem" are first. And "Game Changer" added at last minute.

...At the same time, lawmakers tell drugstores to sell, you guessed right, pharmaceuticals and that's it.

...Home-free families create habitats in zoos.

...Ryan Seacrest, sensing attention-to-him deficit just as E! folds and American Idol finds a knowledgeable music biz host, finally admits he's--happy.

... Nigerian scammers pay us.

...Some idiot who writes lists as blog posts is roundly ignored.

...Paul Simon gives a call to Garfunkel.

... NY Times promises it will never ever publish another of those 2000 stories on how social media is the saving grace for brands. No one....yep.

...Joe Biden makes sense.

...All remaining newspapers -4 at last count!--are purchased by fifth graders. They recognize their reading level.

....Kissing is named new Olympic sport. (All together now-: Awww.)

...Aability to marry yourself passes in 47 states & Guam to portray the true meaning of equality.

...Zac Efron, lost without screaming teens, makes High School Dropout

...You read this long, unadulterated list and go "Wait. Shit - really. That could happen."

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