Let's Not Give Up on Rainbows and Unicorns

As the primaries continue, I listen with fascination and horror to the political rhetoric. Donald Trump is all about doom, gloom, hopelessness and ultimately, violence. This country is a "disaster", President Obama is "useless", treaties are "worthless", Obamacare "isn't working", immigrants "should be deported", Muslims "shouldn't be allowed to enter our country", we should "build a wall to keep Mexicans out".

But, what seems to be missing is this: a great country should have peaceful and intelligent dialogue.

There is no place for verbal violence in a country that wants to move forward and create a better world for its people.

Trump has given voice to an undercurrent of hatred, racism and disrespect. He's given bigotry a platform and has shifted the boundaries of political discourse. He's made the unspeakable speakable.

More and more people are listening because Trump is a ratings machine. Everything stops when Trump speaks. This reality star turned politician knows all about ratings. He knows how to use the media to his advantage and, sadly, the media is rushing to do his bidding. When he says he won't take part in a debate, the debate is cancelled. Why? Because the other candidates aren't colorful enough to win a ratings war. Trump understands this and the media plays along. Elections shouldn't be about ratings. They should be about ideas. They shouldn't be about violence at rallies. They should be about solutions. They shouldn't be about hatred. They should be about unity.

However, there's still hope in this election cycle. While Trump spews his venomous, destructive words, calling his detractors "losers and morons" Bernie Sanders speaks of hope and empowerment. He says: "I am going to do my best to try to create a country in which children are not living in poverty, in which kids can go to college, in which old people have health care."

Trump makes empty promises. "When I'm president, you'll all get tired of winning." But Bernie is a realist. "What the American people want to see in their president is someone who not necessarily can win every fight, but they want to see him stand up and fight for what he believes......"
While Trump boasts about his rich and influential Wall Street friends, Bernie says "If a financial institution is too big to fail, it is too big to exist".

Make no mistake, just because Bernie doesn't talk big, it doesn't mean he thinks small. I loved it when he said "If you run on a platform calling for a full loaf, at worse you're going to get half a loaf. If you start talking about the need for half a loaf, you're going to get crumbs."

This election shouldn't be about building walls but knocking down barriers. It shouldn't be about closing doors, but opening hearts; not dividing a nation with hatred but unifying it through love and compassion. That's why we have to defeat Trump.

John Lennon sang:
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one

I'm a dreamer too. Bring on those rainbows and unicorns.......