Let's Party Like It's 1996!

In 1996, California legalized medical marijuana at the ballot box. We were told dogs would sleep with cats, rats with human brains would be developed (oh, sorry, that's Christine O'Donnell NOW); everyone would be driving stoned; nurses would be stoned when you come out of surgery; the world would end. None of that happened, of course, and all is moving along smoothly.

Now that a legalization for ALL purposes is on the ballot, the same old tired nonsense is being trotted out. Take a look.

Simultaneously, we refuse to take "personal responsibility" (where are Republicans when you need them?) for the havoc we are creating in Mexico, where people are dying by the thousands; an entire town's police force just quit today -- all to satisfy OUR demand for drugs. And, the government (where is my "freedom" and "liberty" now you Tea Partiers?) says "take our drugs -- don't take yours." "Our drugs are making multi-nationals fabulously wealthy -- have YOU take YOUR Viagra or Cialis today?"

Can we just grow up please? Admit prohibition does not work (just ask Al Capone) and let's take a mature approach to marijuana? And stop the killing in Mexico?? After all, I am pro-life!