Let's Pledge Allegiance To Justice

Welcome to the new Civil Rights Movement.

Justice. Equality. Fairness. Inclusion. These are a few of the civil rights that some marched for, were ridiculed for, were further discriminated against for, were hosed down for, jailed for, spat on for, and even killed for. The weight of such names as Bayard Rustin, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Andrew Goodman, Medgar Evers, and Carole Robertson is becoming lighter. And here we are still chasing the “for”.

We want the relevance of Black Lives Matters to be relevant to all. We want to truly be one nation under God, the United States of America, but the divide grows wider with every gunshot and every singing of the anthem. We want equal justice, but justice is not equal because we have not yet begun to see each other as equals.

We took a terrorist into custody, alive.

Colin Kaepernick continues to receive death threats for his peaceful protests.

An unarmed black man occupying the area around his stalled vehicle, is dead.

A cop who shot and killed an unarmed black man is home on paid administrative leave.

To say that there is an unsettling trend would not do the genocide that is happening in the black community any justice. The fact that some will see an issue with my last statement is appalling.

The problem? We consider this a black issue, when in actuality this is a human issue. We should all be outraged. We should all be pleading for objectivity. We should all attempt to encompass a realm of the fear felt by innocent black people when approached by a white police officer. We should seek allegiance to impartiality instead of bickering over the proper etiquette when The Star Spangled Banner is played. To put things into perspective: there was water being purposefully tainted in a black community, harming children and adults alike, that is still being unraveled. A white male is convicted of the rape and assault of a woman and serves barely 3 months in jail with little to no detestation. A presidential candidate with no political experience, but a mound of incited racial hate, could potentially be the next commander in chief. Our country is at war within itself. Systemic racism is a real thing.

You can find indignation in us not wanting to carol and praise an anthem that is demeaning and grating to our race. You consider it an affront when we peacefully protest the issues that we have been forced to become passionate about. You find fault when we voice our opinions on social media or when we trend #blacklivesmatter. Yet you find no anger, no disfavor, not even a smear of vexation in the obvious "ethnic cleansing" of America that is taking place. The black community has been stigmatized for far too long. That era should stop here. The silence should speak here. The unity should meet here. The just should prevail here. Welcome to the new Civil Rights Movement.

This article also published on Sham Williams blog which can be found here.