Let's Retire Stupak

Let's Retire Stupak
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Today, we've just learned Bart Stupak is thinking about retiring. We need to send him a message loud and clear -- people are tired of Washington politicians putting their own personal agendas ahead of the best interests of the people.

Please contribute right now and let's RETIRE Stupak:

By threatening historic health care reform, Bart Stupak attacked everything it means to be a Democrat and risked derailing the core vision of the Democratic Party. Stupak lost our trust, let down the people he is supposed to represent and no longer deserves to be our Representative.

Our campaign is about getting past the kind of political obstruction and grandstanding that marred the health care debate and instead replacing it with a politics that works for all people.

That's why I am running -- to represent the true Democratic values of the First District -- affordable, accessible health care for all Americans, health care that allows women the opportunity to make responsible life decisions for themselves and their families, protecting our Great Lakes and other precious natural resources, and fighting to put people in our district, so hard hit by this recession, back to work.

This campaign is your chance to fight back and take a stand. I hope you will join with me and let's RETIRE Bart Stupak together.

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