Let's See the VP Sausage Being Made

Barack Obama has promised to tear down the stone wall and dense bushes with which the current administration has barricaded the White House. Good. Democracy without transparency is at best an assumed democracy.

And, Obama has promised to take advantage of our new connective technology -- the Internets and all the associated tubeware -- to enable a level of citizen participation undreamed of since our population outgrew the local town hall.

So, how about if the campaign starts now by opening up the vice presidential selection process?

Instead of having potential VPs enter through the back door of some undisclosed location, how about if we get to see some of the discussions? Certainly some conversations need to be held in private, but the traditional six-sided black box method leads to the impression that it's all back backroom deals and ulterior motives.

And how about letting us have our say? Not an online poll, because that would give the false impression that this decision is up for popular vote. But the VP selection committee should at least set up a discussion board where we can engage with one another and -- importantly -- with the committee.

Why wait? Let the sunshine in.