Let's Stop Encouraging a Dangerous Narcissist

An Open Letter to: The New York Post, NY Daily News, all comedians, all daytime and late night talk show hosts, all decent media, and all users of social media everywhere:


Let's ALL stop feeding the racist, sexist, ethnocentric narcissistic troll by never again printing or saying his name or showing his likeness. We know who he is.

He-who-shall-not-be-named has gotten way more than his fair share of free publicity by being dangerously outrageous.

Unite and stop this dangerous, fear and hate-mongering, and disability-mocking cancer from spreading his poisonous venom.

He does not represent America or our values and should not be nominated for any office in the U.S. (or any other nation). All that haters like him do is stir up fear and knee jerk reactions in the basest among us.

We also need to boycott all shock jocks who will say anything - the more outrageous, hyperbolic, virulent and controversial, the better - to get a ratings increase. They are inciting hysteria.

Let's starve the troll of the attention and free publicity he seeks! IGNORE HIM!!!

#ignorethenarcissit #hewhoshallnotbenamed #stopfeedingthetroll #dontfedthenarcissisttroll #stopthefreepublicity