Let's Talk About Love (VIDEO)

Hi everyone! Cara Santa Maria here. This is our fourth and final week in a month-long discussion about the science of human sexuality. In week one, we talked about whether or not human sexuality is innate. Then we discussed how our sexuality relates to that of animals in the wild. Last week, we discussed sex education and why communication about sexuality is so important.

About a week ago, I received a tweet from lizzie58 that says:

"@CaraSantaMaria Let's talk about love. Sex is interesting. But love's a total mystery to me. What is love? Just hormones? - no #emotionalday"

Lizzie, we've all had those emotional days. And I don't think that you're alone in thinking that love is a total mystery. So this week, I want to talk about love.

What is it? Is love something that scientists can, should, or will ever be able to understand or describe? Can love be quantified? Is it even real? Why is it so easy for some people to fall in love while there are others who have never felt it? Is love between friends and family similar biologically to romantic love? What does love look like in the brain? Has it ever been measured?

I want to thank all of you who come back day after day to participate in these discussions on my blog and also via facebook and twitter. This week, let's attempt to learn more about the science of love. I'll be posting regular blogs on Tuesday and Wednesday, then on Thursday I'm going to do a special blog in honor of Thanksgiving. On Friday, I hope you'll come back to see a special video that I'll be making about the science of love.

And hey, let's keep the conversation going next month when we start a whole new discussion about a brand new scientific topic. What do you want to talk about in December? Please take a moment to vote on the poll below, and we will take this conversation where you want it to go!

Thanks again so much, everyone. What are you waiting for? Talk nerdy to me!

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