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Let's Thrive and Help Other People Thrive

I have learnt so profoundly from Arianna and the guest teachers. The Thrive course is really timely for me. It is like a gift from God.
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My deepest gratitude to Arianna and the guest teachers for all of your sharing and collective wisdom. I have learnt so much from you. I had been working almost non-stop for the past 23 years as a lawyer. On March 2 this year, I suddenly suffered from a mild stroke and was admitted to the emergency unit of a hospital in Beijing (where my home is based). After the mild stroke, I rested at home for about one and a half weeks. I felt depressed and down as if my soul had not been with my body. I started to clean up my apartment by throwing away some books and documents and at the same time found some very valuable books and PowerPoint slides on leadership & motivation I prepared in the past two decades. After MRI and CT scan, the doctors told me that my brain was not damaged. However, I was not able to work as productive as I wished to be. A doctor asked me to get some psychiatrist counselling (at a fee of USD 150 per hour). Instead of getting the psychiatrist counselling, I decided to help myself through reading books from Harvard Business Review on stress reduction and getting the right thing done etc, that are helpful for me to recover through pacing myself. I also got a lot of support from my bosses and colleagues. Their care and support help me a lot in my recovery.

One day, I received an email from our global general counsel about the Thrive course around the end of April, I had no idea what it was about. I thought I should give it a try to register. Since then, I have learnt so profoundly from Arianna and the guest teachers. The Thrive course is really timely for me. It is like a gift from God. It is so insightful, practical and helpful -- very well intellectually put together based on the personal life experiences of Arianna and the guest speakers as well as scientific research.

I am always quite inquisitive, I used to read some books about Chinese philosophy, Buddhism and other religions and thoughts. I was too busy in the past 23 years to reflect on myself. I had learnt a lot in the past two decades (including the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People). However, with my busy schedule, I almost forgot what I had learnt.

Through learning from the Thrive course, a lot of good, positive thoughts are coming back to me. I can now better stress and anxiety. I am impressed with the genuine, sincere and authentic sharing by Arianna and the guest speakers. It is full of wisdom and is actionable. I think that the Thrive course is transforming and will transform the lives of so many people. I would like to promote the Thrive course to our 10,000 colleagues in China. It would be even better if the Thrive course would be available to the general public in China. With the economic growth and the increasingly fast pace of life, many people in China are stressed out and even depressed. The number of people committing suicide in China is a lot each year. The Thrive course would certainly help millions of people in China if the content is translated into Chinese and available in a local website for easy access by the people in China.

Let's thrive and help other people thrive! This is the mission and journey of our lives!