Let's Visit Nepal

06/07/2016 04:46pm ET | Updated December 6, 2017
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Photo: welcomenepal

I had an extra-ordinary opportunity to travel across the western Nepal on a bus-trip along the dangerous roads which are made between very high mountains. Trisuli and Kaligandaki rivers flow just besides these very curvy roads. Rafters across scary waves of Trisuli are often seen while riding through these buses. Buses often stop at some of the small motels/hotels in the middle of the highway for the relaxation of travelers. Food and tea these motels provide has its own local taste.

Tourists do not go that far most of the time unless they are familiar with somebody in the area. Travel agencies often limit the tourists to these famous trekking sites like Nagarkot, Jomsom or Mt. Everest area. Most of the travelers do not realize that Nepal is much more than these few locations.

Lot of foreign travellers often come associated with some NGOs/INGOs like Care Nepal International, Red Cross Society, etc and have been observed travelling as far as Dadeldhura and Doti District of Nepal. JICA International associates from Japan are often seen contributing in the health care industries in the most remote parts of the country.
Pokhara is definitely the first destination for most of the tourists who visit Nepal. Davis Falls is one of the wonders in the world which looks as if lying in some bottomless pit. One of the visiting tourist by the name of Davis is said to have falled down the stream while visiting the spot. Phewa Lake with a temple in the middle of it is one of the most romantic destinations in Pokhara. At a very low cost, the visitors are allowed to boat around the Phewa Lake.
Phewa Lake, Pokhara (Photo : Nepal Tourism Board)

The most extra-ordinary engineering feat in Nepal, the Karnali Bridge was actually built by a Japanese company which still stands as a fantastic feat of architect above the longest river flowing in Nepal.

Pokhara, Nepal (Photo : Nepal Tourism Board)

Karnali Bridge is itself a tourist spot for Nepalese from the Far-West. With Bardiya Wildlife Reserve lying beside it, it attracts most of the local tourists. Rich landlords of the area often go for hunting inside these reserves. Wild lotuses are seen blooming amongst the fresh ponds untouched by any modern air.

Nagarkot is a great spot for picnic and parties. From the cliff at Nagarkot mountain, the Himalayan range consisting of Annapurna and Mt.Everest can be clearly seen in their own grandeur and immensity. No human have been able to build such structures up to this moment. Heavy tourist traffic is seen at Nagarkot beside it being a favorite spot for Kathmandu youngsters.

(Photo : Nepal Tourism Board)

Jomsom is one of the most popular tourist destination with a weather that is wintry most of the times. Located among snowy mountains in the remote himalayas, Jomsom has a airport that gives domestic and international tourists the taste of one of the most remote sites. Jomsom is located in the Mustang region which has its own heritage. There is a huge community of Mustang origin people here in New York. Mustang Kydup USA connects all the Mustang origin people in USA. There are plenty of places in Jomsom where new motels and shops can be placed for the visitors. New trekking routes can be established among the snowy hilltops. French film team actually shot the movie " CARAVAN" in this area depicting the story of a Yak herdsmen. Jomsom residents also known as "Bhotes" are renowned for their service and relationship with tourists. Some of them have travelled along with their guests to different regions of Europe while others have joined British Gurkhas. Jomsom businesses can be promoted in the national level by Nepal Tourism Board. Even the Jomsom apples are popular items in the Nepalese markets and are frequently exported across different regions of Europe.
(Photo : Nepal Tourism Board)

Unlike Jomsom, Muktinath is a religious destination where Hindus from across the world go for pilgrimage. Located in the snowy foothills, Muktinath is sought after by devotees seeking liberation from chain of repeated births and deaths. Various miracles are attributed with this region where devotees have experienced God personally. Muktinath Cable Car is one of the most successful innovation that has increased the tourist flow in this region on a great extent. The cable car is a technology similar to "Roosevelt Island Car" that transports people from the highway across a deep gorge to the hilltop where the temple if located. A serene and quiet place gets crowded in occasions like Mahashivaratri with the devotees of Lord Shiva. Many Indian pilgrims visit this temple regularly to purify themselves and obtain the grace of great Mahadeva.
(Photo: Nepal Tourism Board)

Pashupati is a great spot for those devoted in devotional service which is the simplest method to approach the supreme. All the parapheranelia to worship Lord Shiva are available at Pashupatinath.
Indian pilgrims from all over the world flock here in days of Mahashivaratri. Pashupatinath is a huge town in itself with various temples of different deities. The sight of corpses being burnt down at the funeral site in Pashupati is a great view for truth seekers. Spiritual aspirants yearn to learn from these sights the truth of our existence.
(Photo: Nepal Tourism Board)

Lumbini which is located in Bhairahawa region is a place where Siddhartha Gautam, empounder of Buddism,also known as Lord Buddha was born by the tree as a son of Yashoda, wife of King Sudhyodhana of Shakya Dynasty. Buddha later left the palace in search of enligtenment and obtain full knowledge at Gaya while sitting under the Bodhi tree.

(Photo: Tapoban International Commune's Facebook)

Osho Tapoban in the Nagarjuna hills are the most famous spots for the active entrepreneurs, engineers, professors and doctors of Nepal. After Osho passed after, it has been run by Swamis initiated by Osho and his disciples. Most of the members are highly successful and rich Kathmandu entrepreneurs. Nagarjuna mountains offer peaceful realm for meditation upon the spirit under guidance from a qualified master.

All the facilities of modern convenience are available at Nagarjuna mountains making it a great spot for spiritual vacation. Hard-working entrepreneurs and engineers come back to this spot to recharge themselves during the weekend so that they can prepare themselves for a better work.

Osho followers always had been educated and intelligent folks. Even in the USA, he gathered the richest crowd who were sick and tired of materialism and stress that comes with it. Tapoban is a great spot for spiritual tourists from all over the world. The beauty and grandeur of the place is incomparable. Engineers who attend these camps at Nagarjuna have reported high level productivity in their work.
(Photo: Nepal Tourism Board)

Vipasana meditation:
Vipasana generally means withdrawing within instead of worshipping a certain deitymaster outside for the spiritual attainment. Vipasana meditations began during the Buddha's period under his disciples.

Tourism was no more the source of major GDP, but money being sent by families abroad as majority of young Nepalese left the nation in search of livelihood whether it be Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Europe or America. Majority of wealth was thus taken outside the country. Nepal was thus dependent upon revenue coming from outside during this period, which lasted for over a decade rendering the country in midst of all the evil that one can imagine.

Tourism can once again come back to its peak by following the footsteps of past national leaders. VISIT NEPAL YEAR promoted during the reign of King Birendra was one of the most outstanding program. After the nation has been cleaned with the unnecessary elements by the war and earthquake, now is the time to build a new Nepal, in all its glory.