Let's Wrap it Up

Here we are at our final destination -- Capitol Hill. We just toured multiple states, talked to thousands of college students, spoke to many political figures in both parties, and wrapped it all up at a rockin' Earth Day celebration at George Washington University. (Thank you Larry, Tim, Faith, Carole, Bobby, Vice-President Gore, and Sen. McCain for making it a truly memorable and historic Earth Day.)

Our goal on the Hill today was to deliver to Congress the message from the road and the Virtual Marchers that Americans want solutions to global warming. The leaders we met with today told us that they are already writing global warming legislation, but indicated that this was going to be a very tough fight. They reinforced how important it is to hear from their constituents on this issue. Hear that America? We need you. (You can take action right now by logging onto nrdc.org and clicking on the link "Take Action".)

Everywhere we went today, we were asked by everyone from Congresspeople to Capitol Hill police about the "Rove incident." To set the record straight, the other night, we approached Mr. Rove at a dinner designed specifically to encourage conversations between people from different worlds. We were riding a wave of excitement having just come from talking to college students across the country about global warming. Obviously, we were very surprised that Mr. Rove found discussing such an important issue to be insulting. However, rather than continuing to focus on the encounter itself, can we now focus on the urgent need to act on global warming? We would welcome the opportunity to engage directly with the Bush administration in a constructive conversation about solutions to the global warming crisis.

And by the way guys, the toilet paper thing...it was a JOKE!!


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