This Christmas Letter From A Daughter To Her Dad Proves The Best Gifts Don't Cost A Cent


'Tis the season... for the Internet to make us all weepy.

Imgur user nuthabrickindawall received an honest, heartfelt, handwritten letter from his 14-year-old daughter, and posted an image of the note to the photo sharing site with the caption "Christmas Winning":

The note, bordered in brightly Christmas-colored stars, was clearly the work of a very loving daughter. It reads, "I know the divorce has been hard on us, but I feel like it has brought us closer together. I feel like I could really tell you anything now."

According to the Imgur user, his wife asked for a divorce earlier this year and emotions are raw -- he describes the divorce as "tearing our family apart and breaking my heart." But, the note from his daughter uplifted his spirits during his difficult time. He writes, "my heart is exploding with pride and joy."

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