Dear Berniecrats: Do Not Vote With Anger

Although this letter is primarily for Berniecrats, of which I am one, I have a bit of advice for those of you who have supported Hilary from the beginning. Please do not - I repeat DO NOT -- tell Bernie supporters how to vote in November. After the DNC was proven to favor Hillary when they were supposed to be neutral in the primaries, and after Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was also found guilty of not only promoting her candidate but attempting to discredit Bernie, please understand that you have little, if any, credibility with Bernie supporters. If you want Berniecrats to back your candidate in the upcoming election, then do something other than fear mongering or browbeating them. Lobby Hilary to offer a cabinet position to Bernie Sanders. That's how you create a win-win solution. That's how you create unity..

Now, for Berniecrats. Bernie has laid out a very realistic plan for getting real progressive power in America, and it involves electing progressives at all levels of government. So rather than spend your time working for a third party candidate who can't win, why not put that energy into making sure that your city council, school board, state legislature, and the U.S. Congress and Senate get progressives elected in November. That is what is needed to turn this country around. Working for a third party presidential candidate is diverting your energy from systemic change into an emotional, feel-good exercise. It's not changing anything. This is coming from someone who worked on Ralph Nader's campaigns twice. But, those were different times and a quasi-fascist wasn't running for president. Nor had the progressive movement reached the levels of popularity it has today.

Everything progressives stand for could be decimated in a Trump victory in November. So, it's important that we put our energy and money toward electing progressive candidates who have a chance of being elected.

Eight years ago, we did not have the opportunity to elect progressives at so many levels of government as we do today. Bernie changed the discussion, explained democratic socialism to America, and rallied millions of Americans to progressive causes. Let's continue that momentum by electing people who will forge a progressive agenda in Washington as well as in our local communities.

And, Berniecrats, let's look at a whole-picture scenario for Our Revolution. Let's weigh the consequences of our actions and keep a long-range view of where we are going.

Do not vote from anger or an emotionally-driven need. We are manipulated when our emotions take charge of our actions. Let's rise above those triggers and vote and work for candidates who not only share our values but can win. A lot is at stake, and we need to build on the momentum that Bernie Sanders spearheaded with his extraordinary campaign. We need to deal with this election with maturity and purpose. Berniecrats could change the political landscape in America. Let's never lose sight of that goal and always be guided by it. Our votes in November should further that agenda.