A Father's Letter To His Kids Is The Perfect Message About What It Means To Live For Others

Being a father means many things, but for filmmaker Corbyn Tyson being a good dad means learning to live for others and helping his kids flourish and find love.

"Living for yourself is easy," says Tyson in the video above. "Living for others is one of the hardest thing you can do, but when you make a choice to live for others, and not yourself, something happens. Something changes. Living for others is the secret sauce. When you begin to live for others and not yourself, you arrive at moments of happiness. Moments of gratitude, and moments of contentment. Contentment is the holy grail."

This video is a pilot for a series called The Fatherhood Project for YouTube channel SoulPancake. Tyson is calling out filmmakers to create videos showing what it means to be a father today. What does it mean to you?

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