Letterman Mocks Leno On Night Of 'Conan' Premiere (VIDEO)

Last night on "The Late Show," David Letterman's monologue had two victims: Jay Leno and George W. Bush. While "Conan" was premiering on TBS, Letterman spent the beginning of his show taking a subtle jabs at the Conan/Leno late night battle.

Noting that, "we gained an hour and they snuck in another talk show," Letterman said that O'Brien was about halfway through his first episode and so far it was going well.

"Everything's going fine and let's see," Letterman said. "Yep, no signs of foul play yet!"

He later mocked Leno by name when talking about Hillary denying a 2012 presidential run, asking, "is she really not running or is she just pulling a Leno?"

Afterward, Letterman moved on to the topic of former President Bush's new book that comes out today, and showed a blooper reel of all his hilarious gaffes. He included everything from Bush's door handle confusion to the shoe-thrower, all with comical sound effects, of course.