Letterman: NBC Debacle Costing 'Hundreds And Hundreds Of Millions And Millions Of Dollars' (VIDEO)

David Letterman took aim at Jay Leno and NBC leadership Tuesday during taping of his show.

The CBS host recapped NBC's push to move "Jay 'big jawwed' Leno" back to late night TV. Letterman used a high-pitched voice to mock Leno and paid particular attention the programming "geniuses" over at NBC.

According to Letterman, it all boils down to money:

It's all about money. And as nice a guy as Conan is, he's a smart fellow. And he knows that if he takes a hike, he's going to lose an enormous sum of money. So he just now says, 'Well, I'm not gonna follow Jay. You guys do something about it.' So now, NBC has to do something about it. And they have to do one of two things. They have to either pay him an enormous amount of money... this whole mistake over there at NBC has cost them hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions and millions of dollars. So now the last thing they wanna do--they just want Conan to quit and go away and for Conan to do a show in his basement. That's what they want. That's exactly what they want. But he's a smart kid. He's not gonna do that. He's in there for the cash. Or they waive his non-compete clause so he can go to Fox or come here and take my job. Wait a minute!

Letterman started The Late Night Show on NBC in 1982.