Letterman Takes On Chris Wallace For "Softball" Cheney Interview (VIDEO)

Letterman Takes On Chris Wallace For "Softball" Cheney Interview (VIDEO)

After watching Chris Wallace interview Dick Cheney this week on Fox News, Andrew Sullivan said it was like "a teenage girl interviewing the Jonas Brothers." He, and other critics, were disturbed by the "soft" nature of the questions and thought more should be asked of a man who has been so vocal in defending torture and criticizing the current administration.

Enter David Letterman. Dave has never been one to pass up a good Cheney joke, nor a chance to poke fun at the media, and when he has an opportunity to do both at once you better believe he'll take it. Fresh on the heels of a Cheney Top Ten list, Letterman had his people produce a segment imagining how Cheney and Wallace actually felt during the interview. It's pretty disturbing, not because of any homoerotic undertones, but because the idea of Cheney in love is a tad terrifying.


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