Dave Takes On "Fire David Letterman" Protesters (VIDEO)

Yesterday, 15 people gathered outside the Ed Sullivan theater to call for the firing of David Letterman. The long anticipated rally, created to protest a joke David Letterman made about Sarah Palin's daughter, turned out to be a dud despite mountains of media attention. On Monday, Letterman apologized to Palin and she accepted, which rendered the feud obsolete. Apparently 15 people didn't get the message.

Last night, Letterman responded to these critics the best way he knows how: mockery. He had writer Joe Grossman wander out on stage looking for the protest, then did a top ten list of things overheard there. He graciously kept the list self-deprecating, joking that CBS had catered the affair, that his old friend Regis attended, and that his hair looks like a toupee.



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