Letterman Takes On Palin Resignation: Something I Said? (VIDEO)

It's been a rocky year for Letterman and Palin. He joked about her daughter, she freaked out, he apologized, she still freaked out, he apologized again, she said ok, but 15 people didn't get the message and protested his show anyway.

Last night, Dave took several shots at the soon-to-be ex-governor of Alaska, saying that we know Obama's in Russia cause "Sarah Palin can see him from her house." He said she was trying to blame the media for her resignation, and was currently in a helicopter trying to gun down Wolf Blitzer. In the midst of this, Letterman referenced their feud saying "was it something I said?" After making one more dig at Palin for being more of a beauty queen than a politician (miss congeniality will replace her), he showed two pre-taped packages his staff put together. One, an edit down of her press conference, the other a promo for her latest project.



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