Letterman Lists 10 Things Longer Than Kim Kardashian's Marriage (VIDEO)

On Tuesday night's "Late Show," David Letterman took some time to respond to the "news" that Kim Kardashian is ending her marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries after just 72 days and a highly publicized wedding. And what better way for Dave to organize his thoughts on a subject than a Top 10 list?

What's funny about this particular Top 10 bit is that it was based off of the Twitter hashtag #LongerThanKimsMarriage, a list to which people have been tweeting jokes about Kim's divorce this week. Letterman didn't pretend like he actually knows what Twitter's about before he presented the bit, and used the awkward moment to make a somewhat confusing jab at one of his NBC competitors:

"This'll make that Jimmy Fallon wish he had a vagina!"

Yeah. We didn't get it either.

Watch the Top 10 list above wherein Dave somehow manages to get in a jokes about his fatwah, Herman Cain's smoking ad, Conan O'Brien and, of course, Chris Christie.