Letting Go: 14 Things We've Stopped Worrying About -- And You Should, Too


With every passing season, year, spate of "character building experiences," there are things we've just stop worrying about. Maybe it's due to accumulated wisdom, or plain common sense, but things that used to seem so important have a way of suddenly revealing themselves for what they are: not worth your worry, effort or time. Here's what we're dropping by the wayside this winter -- we recommend you do the same:

1. Getting into exclusive clubs. Also, pretending we enjoy clubbing.
There are definitely times when we like a dance floor and music so loud we can't hear anything else. But after a long work week, who really wants to get all dressed up in order to stand in line for an hour and pay $20 for a cocktail before you ever get to shake your anything? What's wrong with a nice wine bar where you can actually hear your friends talking and no one is likely to sweat on you?

2. Getting regular Brazilian waxes.
As much as we all loveNora Ephron's advice to appreciate our bodies right now, this minute, who takes that instruction so seriously that they live in a bikini until they turn 34? Plus, waxing is painful and expensive... why go through with it? Besides, many more American women than you might think don't remove any pubic hair, according to a December 2012 study. And if you need further support in just saying no to waxing, Caitlin Moran's wrote a whole CHAPTER on it in "How to Be a Woman."

3. Being single.
There are 7 billion people in the world, and most American women ultimately get married, so chances are we'll eventually meet someone special. Until then, what's the use in apologizing for it? There's freedom in living life by our own rules, putting your energy into your career or other projects you're passionate about, and never, ever settling. And since American women are staying single longer than ever before and almost 40 percent of women have never married, if you decide never to get anywhere near the altar, you'll be in good company.

4. Sending hand-written thank you notes.
Sure, they're a thoughtful gesture, and if you have the time and enjoy writing them, do it, by all means. But in the age of hyper-connectivity, a heartfelt email sent as soon as you receive a gift may mean just as much -- and it's way more efficient.

5. Eating at designated mealtimes.
Sometimes we just need to eat lunch at 11am. And then again at 3. Eating when you're hungry and stopping when you're full happens to be much better for you than eating by the clock, so when hunger strikes at 11:19, we're going for it.

If you're using a smartphone, you're going to make mistakes. Over it!

7. Wearing pantyhose... and the word pantyhose.
Maybe Kate Middleton did bring them back into fashion...and apparently there are medical benefits? But there's something strange about having shiny, peach-colored legs. We'll pass. (Cute tights, on the other hand, are a completely different story.)

8. Having nice handwriting.
As long as it's legible, we're good.

9. Leaving the house bare-faced, with wet hair.
Blow-drying and makeup application take time we sometimes prefer to spend on the many, many things on our to-do lists. It's okay to leave the house simply showered and dressed with hair combed. In fact, that's all most dudes do every day.

10. Caring about what type of milk is in your coffee or tea.
Skim, skim plus, 1 percent, 2 percent, whole? We're over spending more than 3 seconds debating which.

11. Split ends.
Any non-haircare professional who is scrutinizing your split ends needs something else to do. You'll get to it when you get to it.

12. FOMO.
This was a big one to let go, but we're over it. Stop looking at Instagram and agonizing over the fact that you are not sampling a delicious souffle at a hip bar on a tropical island looking impossibly glossy. No one gets to do that all the time, anyway. Being here, being you sans filters is much harder and ultimately way more worthwhile.

13. Being friends with everyone.
No matter how much we tell ourselves that it's impossible to be friends with everyone, we all feel a pang of guilt when there's someone we can't get along with or keep in touch with. Agree to disagree or that you won't be emailing or texting every day, and leave it at that. Let's save our energy for the friends we're close to now. If a friendship has long-term potential, you'll work it out and be close again at some point -- just not now.

14. Fancy water intended to make you smarter, thinner, or sleepier.
Tap water is fine, thanks.

What are the things you've stopped caring about? Comment below, or tweet us @HuffPostWomen using #ivestoppedcaring.

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