Letting Go of Anxiety (Video)

Letting Go of Anxiety (Video)
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Life starts to slow down when the feelings of anxiety begin to creep up, and if you're faced with an important interview or a meeting, then "going in" anxious comes with the anticipation of a detrimental result. Meditation provides a fast and effective relief from emotions that are getting into the way of your own well-being, it's a scientifically proven factor that's starting to gain momentum across all fields of education, not only in America, but also in the East.

You might be anxious to get out there and meet people, or you might feel an overwhelming sensation of stress washing over you for no apparent reason, there's a reason why meditation is prescribed as one of the most natural alternative medicines for quick relief of stress, anxiety, and depressive behavior.

Having worked with meditation for the last 4 years, I feel it's time to give back some of that which I have learned, and apart from my regular columns on the topic, I'm starting to work on introducing visualization meditation as an effective remedy for quick relief of painful emotions.

Think of your emotions as if running through a drain, if something gets into the way of the pipes, then everything else starts to get stucks. This guided meditation helps you use your own mind and energetic body to help you unclog that drain from anything that's standing in the way of it, because oftentimes the only thing we need to do is acknowledge that the drain (our emotions) has indeed been blocked.

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