Letting Go to Being Free

Letting Go to Being Free
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You’re trying to take care of everything. Juggling everything from your business, to dentist appointments, kids’ soccer games, grocery shopping, and maybe sneak in a workout (if you’re lucky!).

It’s what everyone expects of you. You know that it won’t get done unless you do it, so it’s easier to take care of it than to fight with them for a little help. Plus, if you admit to yourself, it’s your way of feeling needed.

The problem is that it’s wearing you down. And down. And down.

You’re tired...emotionally, physically, and mentally. Constant distractions take it’s toll. Leaving you feeling unfulfilled because you can’t get half of what you planned done.

You’re afraid to say NO to things because you’re the glue that holds everyone together. Your family. Your business.

At least if you have control over everything, you’ll know where things stand. You have your way of doing things and you know it’ll get done right. Can someone say Control Freak?!

This will eventually lead you to losing control and losing yourself. On the brink of burnout...if you’re not there already.

The answer is to let go.

Letting go can be a little terrifying at first. You’ll feel like something is going to fall through the cracks and get missed if you’re not in charge. You feel like you’ll let people down or they’ll be mad at you for having to step up.

But the reality is that when you do it right, you’ll thrive in a way that you never imagined possible and those around you will thrive as well.

As women, we give, give, give. It’s what we do. We’re nurturers and take care of things. It can be incredibly uncomfortable to receive and allow others to serve us. But it’s necessary to feel free and fulfilled.

When you remind your family that it’s a team effort and require them to step up as well, you’ll help your kids learn how to be more self-sufficient, less dependent, resourceful, and create a strong work ethic. Your spouse will be reminded that this is a partnership and together, you’re a powerful team.

Your home should be your sanctuary where you relax and recharge with those you love. It’s not supposed to be like going to a 2nd full-time job!

In the office when you start asking for help, you’ll be able to delegate the things that you hate doing to people who are much better suited to do it than you. If they enjoy it, they’ll do it faster and more efficient than you.

This will give you time back to work on a project that’s important to you or take some much needed time for yourself. Freedom to do more of what you love.

If you’re trying to do everything on your own, all progress will halt when you get sick or have a breakdown. You have to be proactive with taking care of yourself before the time comes when you need it.

Nicole Wipp of Wipp Enterprises is a perfect example. She has always been driven and when she started her business, she controlled every aspect. She worked long hours, but knew early on that the answer was to build a team around her.

She was determined to avoid burnout from the beginning, so she began to look for the right people. Nicole had all of the usual fears of a new business owner...fear of letting go, being able to afford help, worrying they wouldn’t do things the way she liked.

It took her a little bit to find the right team members. Nicole said she initially hired based on whether or not she liked them and if they were capable, but quickly learned that she needed people who had an instinct for action and excellence.

Nicole began to recognize that she needed to be OK at not being good at everything. When she brought on the right people, she saw how much more they thrived at what they were doing and were incredibly happy doing their work.

It allowed her to do what she was best at and give herself permission to take care of herself.

In 2014, she knew something was “off” with her health when she was having trouble sleeping and difficulty breathing, but the doctors brushed it off to anxiety. The need for taking care of herself became priority #1 in January 2015 when she abruptly found herself in the hospital for 30 days not able to function due to her lungs being full of fluid.

Nicole was diagnosed with a rare lung disease and took 90 days away from her business to recover. During her absence, her team that she was proactive enough to build before she needed them, stepped up and ran like the well-oiled machine that she had envisioned all along. They even had 58% higher profit while she was gone!

By asking for help, Nicole has the freedom to do what she loves while taking care of herself along the way. She’s been so inspired by her team and her journey that she’s now launching a second company.

Take Action

If you want more freedom in your life, you can start today with giving yourself permission to let go of control. Identify 3 things in your life that drain you the most and ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Who can you ask for help? You don’t have to go it alone!
  • What can you delegate? Strive to do more of what you love and less at what you’re not great at!
  • Is it really necessary to get you to your goal? Drop the obligations!

Burnout is quickly becoming an epidemic, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. You have the power to take back control in a way that works for you and can benefit those around you...from your family, to your friends, and even your boss!

When you learn to let go, you can be free to become the best version of yourself!

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