'Reading Rainbow' Twitter Account Finally Goes To LeVar Burton

Everyone's favorite storyteller LeVar Burton has finally claimed the @ReadingRainbow Twitter account Tuesday night in a heartwarming tale of shocking internet efficiency. The story starts out innocently enough: @LeVarBurton politely asked for a direct message from the dormant account holder Tuesday morning. But when that failed, Burton turned to the masses.

"Dear @twitter I'm trying to contact the individual who's sitting on @ReadingRainbow but he hasn't Tweeted in #3YEARS Can you help? Thanks!" Burton wrote later that evening, to the delight and joy of all of the 20-somethings who remember the PBS children's show and still feel like they can do anything.

The response was wild. Less than two nostalgia-filled hours and hundreds of retweets later, the Twitter account was finally relinquished from random fan @Loclif's hands to its rightful owner, Burton.

"Thank you everyone for your help!!! #@ReadingRainbow #bydhttmwfi," Burton wrote, officially giving this story a happy ending.