Levi Johnston And Kathy Griffin Take Two: Flirting And Palin Talk On "Larry King" (VIDEO)

The most entertaining Larry King segments ever?

Kathy Griffin was guest-hosting the show Monday night and she welcomed Levi Johnston for multiple segments of flirting, sexual innuendo, deep thoughts and a Teen Choice Award show recap.

In Levi's experience, teens scream louder for Jonas Brother than Republicans did for John McCain at the RNC.

Of the Palins Levi said, "I'm not really looking forward to being around that family anymore." He also said he plans to change up his Bristol ring finger tattoo.

In between Kathy calling Levi "Tiger" and talking about "making sweet love" to him, she talked about moving to Wasilla, his chew habit, hunting and had Levi read aloud a random fan letter to Miley Cyrus.


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