Levi Johnston At War With His Sister Over Her Blogging

Levi Johnston told People magazine in June that he is "turning a new page" with Bristol Palin and wants to focus on being a good father. On Tuesday, he publicly apologized to the Palins for saying things "that were not completely true," hoping to move on from the past.

If you think that this means the Palin family drama has finally died down, think again.

Levi's younger sister, Mercede Johnston, has been writing a blog in order to "answer questions" about the Palin family, "to expose what they have done" and to explain how her life has been affected.

Since her first post on June 4, Mercede has frequently mentioned that Bristol controls her brother and threatens her.

On July 1, Mercede posted an excerpt of a Facebook post that Bristol wrote, directed at her:

"Like I said you're seeking attention, and you don't have enough friends, or a job, or even a hobby, occupying your time. I know you're life must be depressing hun, but that's why there antidepressants."

Bristol's Facebook attack was in response to rumors that Mercede stole photos from Bristol's condo, which she denies. Mercede wrote a message to Bristol saying:

"Bristol, I would honestly love it if you could let go of everything from the past, and that we could go out for lunch and talk things out like adults."

On July 7, Mercede wrote that Levi told her to delete her blog or she would never get to see him or her nephew again. Mercede, who says her intent is not to attack the Palins, explains that even if she acquiesces and removes her blog, Bristol still "will not allow Levi and Tripp to be a part of [her] life" and so has decided to continue blogging.

"How is it fair that I can't speak my mind on a blog without Levi threatening to never speak to me again, but Bristol can go on Facebook daily and call me nasty names with no repercussions at all?"

Mercede also commented on Levi's People interview on Tuesday, saying that she is upset that her brother apologized to the Palins and took back all that he once said.

"Not only is he being controlled like a puppet, but saying that all of his comments and stories were lies is absurd! I know for a fact that all of his comments were true."

Mercede concludes that she is not afraid of the Palins and that "in the end the truth shall pervail."