Levi Johnston Reveals Baby Name, Discusses Tension With Palin Family

Levi Johnston and his pregnant girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby, appeared on Inside Edition Wednesday to talk about their relationship and family planning.

The couple said they will name their baby girl after a gun and call her Breeze Beretta. The child was conceived in cabin during a birth control-free getaway.

When Oglesby revealed that she was pregnant, the Christian school where she taught suggested that she resign due to her unmarried status. Oglesby followed their advice, and now works as a preschool teacher at a public school in Wasilla, Alaska.

Johnston, who fathered a child with Bristol Palin in 2008, believes his new relationship will be different.

"I'm actually in love, not doing it just because we had a kid together," Johnston said.

The Alaska native also revealed his tattoos, one for each of his children. His latest tattoo, in honor of unborn daughter Breeze, is partially hot pink to signify the child's gender.

Tuesday night after a press release from the taped interview surfaced, Palin took to Facebook to show off a photo of Tripp, her son with Levi.

"So grown up!!!" she wrote.

While Palin has blasted him in the press as a dead-beat dad, Johnston maintains that Palin is responsible for his lack of contact with Tripp.

The host asked Oglesby if she was "angered" by the Palins' portrayal of her boyfriend.

"Yes, it bothers me a lot," Oglesby said. She says she has spoken to Palin a "couple times" since discovering she was pregnant, but cut off communication after "she tried to turn me against Levi."

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