Levi Johnston & Brittani Senser In 'After Love' Music Video: Did It Break Up Bristol & Levi? (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Brittani tells Celebuzz.com that, despite what Bristol says, she doesn't think the video was responsible for Bristol and Levi's split.

"Whatever the reason Levi and Bristol broke up, it has nothing to do with the video," she said. "The video hadn't been shot when [Bristol] thought it already had been. I feel bad if anybody feels like that was the reason."

PREVIOUSLY: Levi Johnston gets close with singer Brittani Senser in a just-released video for her song 'After Love.' The video follows their relationship as an insane, violent mother-in-law repeatedly tries to intervene.

Bristol Palin told People that Levi is "obsessed with the limelight" and his decision to star in a music video mocking her family played a part in their most recent breakup.

Brittani admits the Palins helped inspire the video.

"Yeah, it plays in with his life. It also plays in with mine," she tells E! News. "We added Levi because he's handsome--truly we thought we'd get a couple hundred thousand Youtube hits."