Levi Johnston Ex Lanesia Garcia Pregnant: Bristol Palin Wedding Off?

Levi Johnston's Ex PREGNANT, Bristol Might Call Off Wedding

Bristol Palin's friends have told RadarOnline.com that she is heartbroken after finding out that her fiance Levi Johnston may have impregnated his ex-girlfriend, Lanesia Garcia. In fact, Bristol may be having second thoughts about going through with the wedding, although a Palin family representative said, "no official decision has been made."

Earlier in the week, the National Enquirer reported that Garcia was pregnant and she and Johnston were together when he was single last year. A source says that Johnston claims the baby isn't his, but that, "Levi is one of three possible fathers who were with Lanesia during the probable week of conception."

In 2008, Garcia talked to UK's News Of The World, revealing that she and Levi were in a three-year-long relationship before her then-best friend Bristol stole him away from her. Via PopCrunch:

Here's what Lanesia said at the time: "I didn't believe it, I never dreamt she was capable of doing that to me. But when I called her she just said, 'I'm so sorry, I couldn't help it. Levi and I are together now and I think he's the man for me.' I put the phone down and have not talked to her since. I was distraught for a year -- I missed Bristol desperately but also Sarah, who was like a second mom to me. Neither of them have tried to contact me, though -- which says something about how ruthless they can be. The phrase Sarah used comparing herself to a lipstick-wearing pit bull is spot on."

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