Levi Johnston: I Like Being Gay Icon, Gays "Are People Too" (VIDEO)

On Monday night, Levi Johnston went on the Joy Behar Show to talk about his new roll as a "gay icon." Johnston seemed comfortable with the position, despite growing up in Wasilla, where he had "never seen a gay guy."

Behar began the conversation asking Johnston if he "realizes" that he's a gay icon.

"I do, yeah." Johnston said.

Behar pressed on: "someone just told me there's a gay porno movie with a look-a-like of you... how do you feel about all of that?"

Johnston seemed fine with it. "Um... let em do what they're going to do," he said, and added that he doesn't want to do anything he would regret -- possibly implying that that is why he, himself, declined to act in the pornographic film.

Behar asked Johnston again how it feels to be a gay icon from a "conservative background," and observed that he seems "to be very comfortable being a gay icon."

Johnston concurs, though does mention that "growing up in Wasilla... I've never seen a gay guy in Wasilla, i don't think." Johnston continued: "once I started doing all these tours and everything... I just.. you know, they're people too. It doesn't matter to me, more fans, it's great."