Levi Johnston Music Video In The Works, Bristol Palin Reportedly 'Pissed Off'

Levi Johnston, the on again, off again boyfriend of Bristol Palin and father of ex-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's grandson, is reportedly set to break into the music business.

Politico reports that plans are in the works for Johnston to star opposite singer-songwriter Brittani Senser in the music video for her R&B song "After Love":

It's set to air the week of Sept. 12 to coincide with MTV's Video Music Awards, Senser's agent, Belinda Foster, told POLITICO in an email. Johnston completed the video shoot in Los Angeles on Monday...

Johnston recently made a red carpet appearance with Senser at the Teen Choice Awards.

According to TMZ, the 20-year-old will appear in the video as a man facing a perceived threat from his lover's mother -- a role that reportedly doesn't make his erstwhile girlfriend/fiancee/baby mama Bristol too happy:

But here's the part that may have REALLY pissed off Bristol -- in the video, the girl's mother uses a police officer to arrest Levi and drag him to an empty parking lot ... where she confronts him and forces him to open a mysterious manila envelope.

Levi opens the package -- and his face turns "pale" at its contents. The mother then makes Levi call up her daughter and break things off ... with the insinuation that she would expose something if he refused.

News of the music video debut comes on the heels of reports that Johnston is cooking up a bid for mayor in his hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, as part of a developing reality television show.