Levi Johnston Poses For <i>Vanity Fair</i>, Talks <i>Playgirl</i> And His 'Johnson' (VIDEO, POLL)

Vanity Fair has posted behind-the-scenes video from their photo shoot with Levi Johnston to accompany their October 2009 story "Me and Mrs. Palin." In the beginning, Johnston's handler Tank Jones teases Levi about his transformation from "Wasilla wear" to "Vanity Fair wear." Johnston then poses in designer clothes on the ledge of a building and in the back of a limo holding Sarah Palin masks.

The best exchange comes 3:29 minutes in, when Tank asks Levi if he's thought about doing Playgirl. Levi, wearing aviator sunglasses and sitting in the backseat of an SUV, says "I'd do it...if it would get me out of there." Tank then lectures Levi on what it takes to be in the nude magazine: "You've gotta have some johnson. You can can't come in there lacking in the johnson area. You've gotta unfold some things....[A ]dude posed for the magazine and they had to add an extra leaf to fold out for him...[so] I'm saying, do you need extra magazine or do you don't [sic] need that?"

"You're just gonna have to see, Tank," Levi answers.


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