Levi Johnston, Sunny Oglesby Weigh In On Pregnancy

Levi Johnston and his girlfriend Sunny Oglesby weighed in on their newly-announced pregnancy, denying charges of Johnston being a "deadbeat dad" to his son with Bristol Palin.

In an interview with the Insider, Johnston addressed his relationship with Sarah Palin's daughter, stating that he does not "feel like a dad" to his son, Tripp.

"I love Tripp more than anything and he is my son, but I don't feel like a dad to him," Johnston said. "Not by choice ... hopefully one day I can be."

Johnston, whose pregnancy with 20-year-old Oglesby is also accidental, admitted to owing child support to Palin. However, he said he intended to catch up on payments and would "never" be a deadbeat dad. He also suggested that Sarah Palin had "some part" in keeping distance between Johnston and his son.

The Palin's family attorney, who addressed the matter in a statement to the Insider, said that Johnston had not exercised his visitation rights and the Palins had not interfered his ability to interact with Tripp. The Palins have made similar denials in the past.

Oglesby, a teacher in Wasilla, Alaska, defended Johnston, saying the Palins have characterized her boyfriend unfairly.

"It's really sad that [the Palins have] put that image out for him cause I mean everyone's gonna believe them because they're more famous," Oglesby said. "You know it's Sarah Palin and she has lots of fans so everyone believes that and Levi doesn't really have a chance against them."