Levi Johnston's Playgirl Work Out: Six Days A Week

Levi Johnston is getting reading to pose for Playgirl in a few weeks, and he's making sure his body is ready to be bared for the shoot.

Levi's lawyer Rex Butler tells Us, "He is in the gym six days a week for the next three weeks."

Butler also said that the issue should be out before the end of the year.

Chances are it will feature his Alaskan butt, as previously Johnston told TMZ that he wasn't sure if he would show "the front or the back."

In August he said he would pose naked for the right price. "It depends on the money, man. It's gotta be right for that."

No word how much he's collecting from Playgirl.

The nudie shoot isn't all Levi has going on. He's filmed an ad for nuts, too.