Levi Johnston's Sister Mercede: Mom Cried At Engagement News

Levi Johnston's Sister Mercede: Mom Cried At Engagement News

Mercede Johnston, Levi's sister, took to her blog to share her reaction to her brother's engagement to Bristol Palin. She wrote, "I can't wait to watch the two of you wed, I wouldn't miss it for the world," adding, "Bristol, if you ever feel overwhelmed with all the decisions involved with planning a wedding I would love to offer you my help."

However, their mother, Sherry, had a somewhat different response. Mercede writes:

I looked up to see that my mom was very upset, with tears running down her face, yet still trying to console my other family members who were texting her and sending messages via Facebook saying they were very upset that they had to find out about this engagement from the media and not from Levi himself. I sent a message telling them not to feel too badly since even his own mother and sister had to find out that way.

Neither Mercede nor Sherry knows if they will even be invited to the nuptials. Sherry told Inside Edition, "I would be absolutely devastated if I wasn't invited to the wedding -- it would be the last straw. They should elope if they can't have the Johnstons and the Palins together. But don't leave us out of it. That would kill me."