Levi Van Veluw's Autonomous Sculptures (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

This Guy Uses His Head As A Canvas

Most artists' ideas begin in their head, but self-sculptor Levi Van Veluw's artworks literally begin on his head.

The inventive conceptual sculptor/photographer uses his physical form as a taking off point to experiment with textures, forms and alternate identities. His pieces are not portraits but total transformations.

Not only are the ideas for Van Veluw's self-non-portraits fascinating but their execution is stunning as well. Each takes about 11 hours to make and involves absolutely no digital manipulation. In his transformations, Veluw leaves the realm of a recognizable human and reemerges as a swamp creature covered in moss, a sculpture of whittled out of wood or a futuristic X-Men specimen.

His sculptures question where the mask ends and the self begins. This chameleon extraordinaire illustrates that humans are just another malleable material.

Check out some of his jaw-dropping sculptures in the images and videos below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Levi van Veluw

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