Levi's Family On Tyra: Bristol Palin Doesn't Like Us, We're Living A "Nightmare" (VIDEO)

MORE TYRA VIDEO HERE: Levi says he'll likely take Palin's family to court for custody of Tripp, addresses rumors of cheating and drug use.

Levi Johnston, whose wedding plans with teen mom Bristol Palin were recently broken off, appeared on The Tyra Show Monday afternoon with his sister Mercede and his mother Sherry. Both Levi's mother and sister said the experience has been hard on the family, especially the fact they have only been able to see Levi's baby Tripp once a month since his birth, because of ongoing feuds with Bristol Palin.

MERCEDE JOHNSTON: There's so much bad being said about my family and I think everyone deserves to know the truth, we are good people and definitely want to be in Tripp's life and it's really hard because it's complicated to be able to see Tripp.

Banks: To see him now? Why is it complicated?

Mercede Johnston: Mostly because Bristol and I don't see eye to eye. And that's mostly because I have a lot of girlfriends, a lot of friends that Levi's previously dated. So that's the main issue going on.

Sherry Johnston discussed her family's relationship with the Palins, and called the situation a "nightmare."

Sherry Johnston: You know it's not like we would go over for dinner or anything, but we started being mutual friends through hockey is when everyone started getting together and that's when Levi and Bristol, one of their first dates was on a hockey trip in Fairbanks and everything escalated from there. They started dating and we get the news about the baby and everything is good. And now it just turned to a nightmare.

The Johnstons told Banks that they were very restricted during the campaign as far as being able to talk to the media or answer any questions on their own.

Banks: Were you advised by the campaign to not say anything?

Mercede Johnston: Yeah. We were supposed to say that all questions need to be brought up by the McCain campaign ... And other than that, we had to say 'no comment.'

Banks: Was that hard, holding things in, when you wanted to explode and tell the truth?

Mercede: Especially for me.

Responding to a statement from Bristol Palin that Levi and the Johnston family were seeking to "cash in on the Palin name," Banks made it clear the family was not receiving payment for their appearance on the show.

Banks told viewers, "One thing that i want to make very clear to everybody is that the johnston family is not getting paid to be on The Tyra Show. There is no exchange of money. They came here on their free will and there are journalists that pay for interviews. I am not saying that's the worst thing in the world but what I am saying is that you all are not being paid and you are just here and I think it's so important and I think they deserve a round of applause because everybody is getting paid these days for interviews."