'The Daily Show' Takes On The Education Crisis (VIDEO)

Lewis Black came on "The Daily Show" last night to give another one of his spirited rants, this time on education in America. Black pointed out how every fall the media suggests we are going to do something about the education crisis, but no change occurs.

As an example of misplaced funds, Black cited a California school equipped with spectacular amenities totaling up to over half a billion dollars, none of which directly benefit the curriculum.

"Half a billion dollars on a school? Did they build Los Angeles a Hogwarts?" Black said. "I went to school in an empty carton of Pall Malls!"

Black noted that there are some options, such as charter schools like the one in the documentary "Waiting For Superman" that provide better education with the cost of a humiliating lottery process. Black said he supports charter schools "as long as the selection process is as public and cruel as humanly possible."

So what else is there to do? "Meet The Press" host David Gregory suggests walking into any school - even if your kids don't go there - to ask if they need any help. Black laughed at the idea of an unqualified person walking in to a school to teach kids, but then he remembered Tony Danza's new reality show where he teaches English.

"He isn't qualified to be an English speaker!"