Lewis Black Furious Over Campaign Lies, Slams Romney & Obama In 'Back In Black' (VIDEO)

Blood pressure concerns aside, thank heaven for Lewis Black. If one person has the ability to embody the collective frustration Americans feel with lie upon little-white-campaign lie, it would be him.

Black appeared on Tuesday's edition of "The Daily Show" for his popular "Back In Black" segment, and boy did he have a bone to pick. And not a moment too soon. If campaign ads are bending the truth this much in July, they may be disrupting the space-time continuum by October.

While "The Daily Show," and Jon Stewart in particular, are occasionally accused by the left of making false equivalencies, Black's criticism of both sides was as fair as it was ferocious. And he underlined something that we've been trying to put our finger on since this election was just a glint in Karl Rove's eye:

"Campaigns have finally arrived in the 21st century; they can produce bullsh*t at the same rate as actual bulls."

Prove him wrong, people. Prove him wrong.

Watch the clip above and let us know if you're as frustrated by the tone of the campaigns as Black is.

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