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Marie Bell, Teacher From Lewiswille, Texas, Donates Kidney To Student's Dad (VIDEO)

A kindergarten teacher, Marie Bell, became a life-saver this week after she donated a kidney to the father of one of her students, WFAA reports.

"I didn't think that God made people like her anymore," said 50-year-old Marshall Smith, the recipient of the kidney. Smith was on dialysis for two years before Bell was found to be a match.

Bell, who lives in Lewisville, TX., is the teacher of Smith's son -- 5-year-old Sean. One day, when Sean was late for school, his mother wrote a note explaining that the family had been in the hospital.

"That was the first I'd known that Marshall was on dialysis," Bell said.

Immediately, she wanted to help.

"How could I look at that little boy, in his eyes every day -- greet him as his caregiver, teacher, as his educator and as a mother and know that I didn't try?" she asked.

After calling the local kidney donor program, she underwent a series of tests. Incredibly, Marie Bell and Marshall Smith were a perfect match.

Smith calls the match "God-sent." "She's my miracle," he said.

"I'm excited because I'm going to get a second chance to live and be able to be a father for my son," Smith said the day before his surgery, his voice breaking with emotion.