Rescue Dog Lexi Should Probably Call Herself Spiderdog (VIDEO)

WATCH: This Rescue Dog Should Probably Call Herself Spiderdog

Here's some proof that you can come back from practically anything.

Lexi, a border collie, was in bad shape when she was rescued from the Scottish SPCA in 2009, according to the Daily Mail. She was severely underweight and had some behavioral issues -- but with a little love, care and training from owner Katerina Jansen, Lexi is now a healthy pooch with a unique skill: She can climb and balance pretty much like Spiderman.

"She loves to balance on anything and loves to jump into her owners arms from the ground or high up," Jansen told Storyful.

Check out the video above and then take a look at Jumpy, another dog with an incredible repertoire of tricks.

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